There will be a new Apple iPhone SE 2022 that is the same model as the iPhone SE 2020 and is the third generation in this line of cheap phones that Apple doesn’t make.

The new iPhone SE doesn’t really change anything, but it looks and works very much like its predecessor. A new tire has been added to the wheel, giving the new device a little extra mileage.

The A15 Bionic chipset will give the iPhone SE more processing power than the 2020 version and put it on par with the iPhone 13 and 5G connectivity, bringing Apple’s mid-range phone up to date with new technology. The two main changes here.

Release Date and Price of Apple iPhone SE 2022

The new iPhone SE 2022 goes on sale on March 18, but you can pre-order it on March 11. The price of the phone has been set. It costs US$429, £419, AU$719, PKR 94,999, and INR 39,999 for 64GB of storage and goes up from there.

Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 started at US$399, £419, AU$749 PKR 92,499, and 29,999 for 64GB of storage. This phone starts at US$499, £419, AU$749 for the same amount of storage. 5G is thought to be the reason for the price rise.

The Design and Display of iPhone SE 2022

Apple iPhone SE 2022 Design and Colors

The third-generation iPhone SE 2022 looks like the iPhone 8, five years old. It has the same design as its predecessor, so it has the same look.

That means it’s compact and thin, with a large bezel and chin, the latter of which also holds a physical power button. This phone has curvy sides that might be nice to people who don’t like the iPhone 13.

A Modern Design

They used glass on both sides, with an aluminum frame in between them. That is a very 2017 design for Apple. This is how the phone should look now. It’s minimal, and the flat back is only broken up by a small camera bump on the back.

Variety of Colors

The iPhone SE 2022 is available in black, white, and red, a more limited color palette than the iPhone SE 2020, and may disappoint those expecting a wide range of colors.

Higher Screen Resolution

The screen specifications are the same as those on the iPhone SE 2020. This means it has a 4.7-inch screen, which may seem small compared to the 6.8-inch Pro Max Apple devices.

It’s an LCD screen with a 750 x 1334 refresh rate of 60Hz. Those aren’t great specs for the price, and this phone isn’t for people who want to watch many videos on the web.


When you buy the phone, it has a Lightning port for charging, and there’s a cable in the box but no power block and not including a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

Camera and Battery Life of iPhone SE 2022

Apple says that the A15 Bionic chipset (packs a powerful 6-core CPU, the fastest CPU in a smartphone) improves the camera, but it’s improbable that most people will notice these changes.

We generally refer to this part in our hubs as ‘cameras and battery life,’ but that plural is incorrect in this case because Apple appears to be sticking with its one-camera system.

This means that the iPhone SE 2022 has a single 12MP rear-facing camera, which presumably has a better sensor than the iPhone SE 2020 that came before it. This hasn’t been confirmed, though.

At the launch, Apple showed off a few camera features, like Portrait mode and Photographic Styles, filters. These aren’t new to phones or even iPhones.

Take Quality Selfies

If you want high-quality selfies, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The front camera is the same 7MP camera we saw two years ago. Slow-motion video is one of the new things added to this snap. Apple used to call them “slowing,” didn’t they? Because it used to be called this, we’re not surprised that it has changed its name now.

Better Battery Life

Apple doesn’t tell us how big its phones’ batteries are before they go on sale. We always have to wait for a phone to break down to find out how big the battery is. On the other hand, Apple says that the iPhone SE 2022 has better battery life.

Apple iPhone SE 2022 Deep Fusion

Performance and IOS of iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE(2022) will use the A15 Bionic chipset from the iPhone13, so expect comparable processing speeds and battery improvements.

Apple never mentions it, so we’ll have to wait for teardowns again, but expect it to be 3GB or 4GB.

Thanks to this chipset, you can play games on this tiny screen with a lot of power. But the real benefits come from battery optimization and AI smarts.

In the same way that the iPhone 13 has iOS 15, this one will also have the same software. This means that it will probably feel like the same thing, with a small screen.

New Features of iPhone SE 2022

Fast 5G Technology

One of the new features is that the third-generation iPhone SE 2022 has 5G connectivity, unlike the older iPhone SE 2022. This means that people who live in areas with network coverage should get much faster internet speeds.

A Faster Refresh Rate

Some of the other features that some of their rivals now have are high refresh rates. The iPhone SE (2020) has a 60Hz refresh rate, which was what most phones other than gaming phones had until recently. Now, many mainstream phones have refresh rates of 90Hz or 120Hz.