Apple AirPods 3 (3rd-generation) is now available for buying from Tuesday, October 26. Apple AirPods 3 release date is October 19. Since their first debut over five years ago, Apple’s truly wireless earbuds have been hugely popular. However, new versions do not appear often. The 2nd-generation AirPods 2 were released in March 2019, Many people refer to AirPods 3, but Apple calls it AirPods 3rd Generation.

The new model boasts a whole new design, enhanced audio, and access to features reserved for AirPods Pro, such as spatial audio compatibility. And the new AirPods have a longer battery life than prior generations and even the AirPods Pro.

Apple now offers three true-wireless in-ears to select from because the AirPods 2 are still on sale but not in the wireless-chargeable case. So, which should you buy: AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, or AirPods 3 (3rd-generation), in the center of the pricing spectrum? Apple hasn’t made it simple with new features and price reduction, but read on for the conclusive answer.

The Design of Apple AirPods 3

The new AirPods are available in the classic dazzling white finish that Apple has always preferred and exclusively in white, which means that the only AirPods available in other colors are AirPods Max. It’s no surprise that Apple has limited itself to white, which means that even though the design is fresh this time, one glance tells you you’re looking at AirPods.

If you glance, you could be forgiven for believing you’re seeing AirPods Pro. Instead of the long and slender stalk on the original AirPods, with a small earpiece, the new model has a more comprehensive, rounder earpiece, which fits more snugly in my ears. However, yours may be different, of course.

The stem is roughly a third shorter here, making it seem quite similar to AirPods Pro. In fact, with the AirPods in your ear, it’s difficult to tell the difference from the more expensive Pro earbuds.

That is not to imply they are identical: the vents and microphones are located in various locations. They are not the same shape and size. And the critical difference is in the speaker.

The AirPods Pro comes with three different silicone ear tips to guarantee a secure noise-isolating fit. There are no ear tips in this model, and the speaker is placed directly in your ear. It’s the same size as the Pro speaker but has a slightly different form.

Apple AirPods 3 Review and Price: Old Shape but New Features
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The AirPods aren’t as close because there aren’t any ear tips, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sound good, as we’ll see.

These AirPods, like all Apple’s in-ear headphones, come with a charging case. Although prior AirPods had a squarish chance (with rounded edges, of course), this case is more rectangular, like, you guessed it, AirPods Pro, but this one is smaller.

It is a wireless charging case: No AirPods 3 variant does not have this feature. This case also has MagSafe compatibility for the first time. There’s no chance you’ll put the case on a MagSafe charging pad only to discover you didn’t arrange it correctly and the AirPods didn’t charge: the case snaps firmly into place. This capability is now integrated into AirPods Pro cases, demonstrating that Apple continues to improve current products.

Unlike earlier AirPods, the new model has an IPX4 certification, meaning that it is water-resistant enough to withstand sweat or jogging in the rain. As with AirPods Pro, the shorter stalks on these AirPods are controlled via a touch-sensitive display. There’s no toggle for noise cancellation, but you may change music by squeezing the limb.

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The Audio Quality of Apple AirPods 3

These headphones lack the noise-canceling features of the AirPods Pro after all, Apple has to offer us reasons to purchase the more expensive variant, right?

And the fit isn’t as tight since there aren’t any ear tips here.

The good news is that these AirPods sound fantastic, with a rich, full-bodied sound and lots of power. They lack the bass levels of Apple’s other brand, Beats. However, that may be overbearing at times, and Apple seems to have calibrated the sound quietly and realistically. Vocals are clear and present, with vibrant and realistic mid-ranges. Aside from the noise cancellation, the audio is virtually as good as on the AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods 3 Review and Price: Old Shape but New Features
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The Latest Features of Apple AirPods 3 

The new AirPods 3 have various features that even the AirPods Pro does not, including a new skin-detection sensor. AirPods have been a handy function for when someone wants to chat with you from day one.

Taking an earbud out of your ear is the most biological activity. When you do, the AirPods are programmed to detect this and immediately stop what you’re listening to until you resume listening.

Apple has recently modified this to work better, such as preventing the AirPods from believing they’re in your ears while they’re on the table or in a bag.

Spatial audio was a standout feature of the AirPods Pro, and it’s now accessible here. It delivers a surround-sound impression for movie soundtracks from the iPad, for example, and an engaging experience for music from Apple Music’s growing catalog of compatible recordings. Spatial audio is fantastic, and it even includes dynamic head tracking.

When you swivel your head while viewing a movie on the iPad, the earbuds adjust the output so that the audio is locked to where the screen is. It creates a more lifelike impression. Unlike earlier AirPods, it is also Dolby Atmos compatible.

There’s also adaptive EQ which employs the AirPods inward-facing microphones (components not included in the 2nd-generation version) coupled with computational audio to modify the sound output to the shape of your ear to ensure the optimal sound for your personal hearing.

Battery Life of Apple AirPods 3

The new AirPods 3 claim up to six hours of listening time, which seems about right. That’s an hour longer than the 2nd-generation AirPods 2 and even longer than the AirPods Pro.

There is one caveat: this is when spatial audio is switched off, and to be honest, spatial audio is one of these earbuds’ substantial advantages. When you turn it on, the battery life lowers to five hours, the same as the previous AirPods. The case extends the battery life by additional 24 hours, outlasting AirPods Pro or earlier AirPods.

Apple AirPods 3 (3rd-Generation)


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Spatial audio compatibility
  • Long battery life


  • There is no active noise cancellation.
  • It will not comfortably fit all ears.

The Price of Apple AirPods 3 

Apple has set a shockingly low price for their new earbuds. If you purchased AirPods with the wireless charging case a few weeks ago, they would have cost $199. With wireless charging and all of the enhancements, the price has dropped to $179.

The AirPods 3 (3rd-generation), on the other hand, are the Goldilocks AirPods – the ideal blend of features, audio, and pricing. These AirPods are suitable for the majority of people.

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