I began my blog a few years ago, and looking back, I know I made many blogging mistakes that I might have prevented if I had just asked for assistance and listened to experts’ advice. If you’re searching for an introvert, I’m your top pick, which is why I spend most of my time on a computer expressing and disseminating my thoughts in letters.

I should have taken more action and made more decisions sooner, but I didn’t. Like other great bloggers, I’d remark, “If only I had done any of these things, my blog would be bigger and then this.” Isn’t that what they say?

I made this list, so you don’t have to make the same blogging mistakes. Even if you make mistakes, they will be fresh ones that warn the next generation about.

1. Choosing a niche and identifying your audience

When I tell people I operate a blog, they automatically think I’m financially stable since my site churning out income. They even complain about not having a blog. I always laugh silently. I’m sorry to say, but you’ve chosen the incorrect route by starting a blog. Desperation leads to many bad judgments that lead to trouble when your pleasure does not come as quickly as you expected.

If you must get something perfect, it is your blog’s niche. It would be best to decide what you want to blog about and who your target audience is. It is a choice that cannot be easily changed.

Your topic influences your blog’s name, appearance, etc. “How do I choose a niche?” you may question. It’s simple:

  • Make a list of topics well or are interested in.
  • Use Google Trends to see which topics are popular.
  • Sort the topics by popularity
  • Pick the most popular or the most appealing.

Choosing a niche is essential, but so is figuring out your target market and their pain. To produce pieces that will resonate with people and promote engagement, you must first know this.

2. Inconsistency and Commitment

When you first start writing, you have this blazing urge to accomplish more and breakthrough. As time passes, your morale begins to dwindle, and you get frustrated at not having achieved your lofty expectations. Without commitment, you won’t establish a devoted readership or attract enough traffic to your site.

A recent HubSpot study, blogs that produce 16+ articles per month get approximately 3.5X more traffic than sites that write 0-4 posts per month. You are losing money if you do not report on your site. Yes, you are new and may be struggling with subject ideas. Try HubSpot’s topic generator.

3. Quantity Over Quality

HubSpot’s study, more blog articles per month equals higher inbound traffic. That’s quantity right? Yes. Do you care more about the quality of your blog posts than the quantity? Why? Excellent blog content will automatically attract as many backlinks as possible.

Writing more quality posts will increase your blog visitors. Backlinko’s Brian, “material regarded as “topically relevant” beat content that didn’t explore a topic in depth. Thus, focusing on a particular issue may boost rankings.”

Yea, you got that? Make sure that every item you write adequately addresses the subject at hand. They shouldn’t leave your post with additional queries, which is why you should leave no stone unturned.

4. Ignoring SEO

It is a colossal blunder I made due to incorrect knowledge. So I should do everything and not focus on SEO? How a result, I no longer do keyword research and create my headlines as I like sans keyword.

Now that I understand the value of SEO, I spend enough time studying long-tail keywords to assist me rank high for that subject. Despite not knowing anything about SEO, I got a lot of traffic and interaction for several of my pieces since they were fantastic. More if I concentrated on SEO.

While I neglected SEO, other bloggers obsess about it, forgetting their readership. Unknowingly, you may begin writing for search engines than readers.

That SEO and search engines exist to serve readers, not you. Succeed in pleasing the readers.

5. Ignoring the Audience

Following up on readers’ comments is an essential part of writing a good post and increasing engagement. Despite many comments on his blog articles, Neil Patel finds time to respond to everyone. If he can prioritize that, maybe you should too.

Writing what the audience needs, not what you believe they need, is another approach to engage them. It is a common blogging blunder. You may write on a topic just because you feel like it. Have you if what you’re about to publish will help your readers? Will it inspire them? If you answered NO to these questions, you should produce content that fulfills your audience’s needs.

6. Isolation from other Bloggers

Networking is not a new concept, especially in business. Bloggers must also network. Try to form synergistic relationships with other bloggers in your niche. You should follow professionals in your area on social media to learn from them. You may ask for favors to help you achieve your offsite SEO goals.

If any of them, they will share their experiences with you, saving you time and money. Networking is vital in determining how far you can go in your blogging profession.

Make new blogging buddies and exchange ideas.To keep the connection continuing, both parties must provide. Don’t keep taking from them without returning anything. That’s not pure extortion. You may lose their confidence.

7. Delaying the Collection of Email Addresses

Mail marketing returns average of $32 for every $1 spent”- DMA, 2018. Blogging for pleasure is excellent, but generating money from your blog is far more outstanding. The mailing list is a vital asset of all bloggers, especially those who freely disclose it.

If you ever plan to run a campaign or sell a product, your email subscribers will be the first individuals you contact. The response rate is excellent. So, as soon as your site is up, start looking for ways to collect your followers’ email addresses.

You may accomplish this by giving out a free e book or a special discount on your goods. You need to provide something to get their email address. Subscribers, HelloBar, and MailChimp are all excellent options.


This list cannot prevent you from making mistakes as a beginner blogger, but I am confident that you will not make the same ones. Blogging is a fascinating activity, whether done for leisure or as a job. , it takes dedication and perseverance. These two will quickly multiply your growth.